This email from a manager at a multinational client made my day! 💯

By Anders Christian Hjort

When working long days and hours for your clients, you sometimes get exhausted and feel is this really worth the effort?

The value I get from working with multinational clients day out and day in is really to see that the people I train develop their personal performance toward outstanding performance levels. I see them “get it” and see their faces “light up” and smile when they succeed in one of the most difficult and challenging fields: personal behaviour change. However having a common and evidence based reference so you can measure and benchmark yourself, makes the journey a lot more easy and motivating.

Its all about getting out of your comfort zone, failure, pain, and being challenged in your every day work with the additional task of training, time being your scarce ressource and the daily operations being the primary focus.

In this context I deeply respect managers that see value and acts with rigor and discipline changing behaviour for the better and in a sustainable way and do what is needed to succeed:

Plan – Do – Review – Plan – Do – Review – Plan – Do – Review etc. etc. etc.

Today I then got this mail from one of those dedicated and passionate managers that I have had the pleasure to work with in a major SPIN® Behaviour Change Project during the last half year.

This email and the value Brian have gotten so far from his journey is what make my days as a Behaviour Change Expert at Huthwaite International worth every second.

This is when the “rubber meets the road” and our motto comes alive:

Change Behaviour. Change Results.

Thank you Brian for seeing the value in improving yourself and your teams performance to outstanding levels – keep up the good work you do at Software Innovation.

You made my day – this is why I’m so passionate and proud of working at Huthwaite International.

Read what Brian wrote to me on LinkedIN below, and I think you will understand:

The SPIN course headed by Anders was an eyeopener on how top of class consultants consistently create value for customers. Practising SPIN; getting insight on research and methods, creating company performance standard and in particular enacting customer meetings has proven very valuable. Not the least of which is the fact-based insight on my own performance and how to further improve.
I’m employing my new SPIN skills and can already detect a positive impact interacting with customers.

Anders has been a great trainer; knowledgeable, enthusiastic and flexible. I hope I get a chance to work with Anders in the future


Tel: +45 26700356


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