How to develop a high performance coaching culture 💯

Anders Christian Hjort Top 💯 Sales Influencer & Behaviour Change Expert

By Anders Christian Hjort
I found this amazing and well written article by The Wharton professor Stew Friedman some weeks ago (article included below).
Stew brings forward practical guidance on  how you can develop a coaching network that will help you grow people and enrich their lives.
From the research we do at Huthwaite into what effective and best practice coaching sounds like from a verbal behavior point of view and the coaching style and questions recommended by Stew, I find this article a very good and inspiring read.
Coaching structure and styles
Having a simple and structured process for coaching can be very helpful for both the coach and the coachee. So to supplement Stew’s contributions below you can add Huthwaite’s 5P framework to structure your coaching conversations and the coaching style you choose to apply as a coach:
  • P urpose
  • P erformance positives
  • P erformance problems
  • P rioritise

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