Hunger for Learning❓

By Anders Christian Hjort
Getting “kicked in the ass” by your boss might seem to create a sense of urgency and trigger a learning journey ahead.

Anyhow, a learner will try to answer these 2 questions to find motivation for action that outbalance individual risk, efforts, time etc:

Why learn this?


Is it worth learning it?

But did you notice that the trigger above might be fear of failure, not the reward for a successful outcome?

What is more effective?

Getting “kicked in the ass” most likely triggers the fear, flight fright systems in the learners brains, however learning happened.

Neuroscience and behavioral research indicate also that developing people skills in organisations most effectively and with positive motivational side effects, is about conciously triggering the reward system in the brain instead.

Being consciously aware, you can master this through the specific verbal behaviours you apply in your everyday conversations with your people and yourself.

It’s incredible to see what motivated people can, will and dare do, if they just want to. 😊


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