The Science Behind Successful Selling 🎯

There are many sales methodologies on the market. The most sustainable, researched and validated is the iconic SPIN® Selling. Used by many of the world’s leading companies, by public organisations, SMEs and charities alike it is a model born out of 35,000 sales interviews in 9 countries and then tested and reevaluated over the last four decades.

SPIN® Selling is science based and builds on the fact that successful sales people use a four stage questionning model.

Situation Questions: To gather background information and understand the context of the sale.

Problem Questions: To explore the customer’s dissatisfaction and concerns.

Implication Questions: Which develop apparently isolated problems by examining their ‘knock-on’ effect in other areas of the customer’s business.

Need-payoff Questions: Which invite the customer to consider the bene ts of solving his/her problems and, having done so, to express an Explicit Need for a solution.

To learn more about the science of SPIN® Selling, including why closing techniques are counter productive and other common mistakes, download our free whitepaper, ‘SPIN® Applies Science to Selling’.

Download the full report

The report examines the science behind SPIN® Selling and explains the step by step factors that can lead to a successful sale. This document is ideal for Sales Leaders wanting to improve performance and/or those developing a business case for a skills development programme.


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