2 High Performance Behaviours from observational research will help make you a sales champion🥇

By Anders Christian Hjort

These comments came from a doctor intrigued and reflecting on his own behaviours in the context of caring for his patients and non-patients:

I am struck by the last couple of comments, how absolutely schizophrenic my behavior is when it comes to care of a patient and my care of you.

When Ideal with patients, there’s a [belief] that’s hammered into you, that you never resolve a set of symptoms on the level of diagnosis.

To jump to a diagnosis is a disater.

A chest pain can be a spider bite, an ulcer, pneumonia, or a heart attack.

The minute I call it one or the other, ignore the other possibilities.

I don’t deal with patients and medicine that way, yet I do deal with all of you that way.

What if sales people acted like doctors with their patients

Most sales people jump to conclusions too fast, judging, assuming that clients having a problem need a solution.

No proper diagnosis done.

What is the right solution and do they actually understand their own problems and consequences and see the value you see?

Thorough Diagnosis Skills and deep listening skills will make you stand out

High Performance sales executives do diagnosing like doctors, caring for the client and making sure the right outcomes will be acheived, no more no less.

When you have found that doctor you trust, where else would you go when in doubt about your health❓

When in doubt about investments in your business, what safe business partner do you chose❓

The one who can sell you at the cheapest price, or the one who listen and deeply understands you, your company and industry better than yourself, and will help diagnose problems and find alternative solutions together with you, challenge your assumptions and thinking, with care and respect❓

When was the last time you had such a conversation with a sales executive ❓

New research from the Medical Device Sector

From 40+ years of observational behavioural research at http://www.huthwaiteinternational.com we know that deep listening skills supplemented by consciously and seamlessly applying the 9 researched behaviours of SPIN®.

The Medical Device Industry know this.

Have a go, read our latest research from 300 sales executives here.

Enjoy 🌞


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