Do you know the successful ingredients that make you successful in any Negotiation❓

Being able to negotiate powerfully in any situation may seem like a dark art, or a skill for the elite few, or something only those with decades of experience can do. e reality is quite different.

Negotiation is a science. That means it is learnable, measureable and within reach of every professional. Our extensive research into negotiation has identified the following components as being necessary for effective negotiation to take place.

1. Power – Power is in the head; how powerful you feel at the negotiation table will impact how powerfully you behave and what you ultimately achieve.

2. Strategies and Tactics – this involves identifying what you want to get out of the negotiation and how you are going to achieve your objectives. is is the output of your preparation and planning, and can include behavioural tactics.

3. Preparation and Planning – this is key to any effective negotiation. Huthwaite research found that skilled negotiators focused more on planning (deciding what to do with the data) rather than on preparation (the process of collecting data).

4. Behavioural Skills – Behavioural skill can be a deciding factor in a successful negotiation.

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This research report examines each of these areas in turn and shares crucial research into how they can be applied. We share what the researched success model for an effective negotiation looks like. Use the insights to understand the model, identify how you and your team relate to the standard and map out a change programme for your business.


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