Keep on SPIN® Selling – human lives depend on us 🧐

By Anders Christian Hjort

Keep on SPIN® Selling – human lives depend on us 🧐

Reflections from a sellers perspective on the now given Covid-19 virtual selling environment and the Buying Cycle™ of our stakeholders, and how we take ownership, accountability and responsibility for our destiny as human kind – we are all in sales now!!!

Changes Over Time: 💥

Triggered by Covid-19, we are asked to sell virtually from our home “offices”🧐

We keep on SPIN® Selling, but now just 100% virtually :

– do virtual inspiring, insightful, delighting, nurturing and caring virtual calls, listening for the lie of the land with our stakeholders🧐

Recognition Of Needs: 😢😊

Its difficult to sell vitually – buyers in fear/panic, have no time to talk etc. 😢

Suffering and potential more human suffering in and endless loop is the given in our selling environment right now😭

We Keep on SPIN® Selling virtually:

– by listening and asking curiously, compationately for our stakeholders stories of pain and consequences, patiently – we do NOT sell, yet🧐

Then our stakeholders pain can not be contained in doing nothing:

“We better act fast”, they say 🤨🙂😀

We keep on SPIN® Selling virtually:

– asking curiously, creatively and listening for the needs and payoffs our clients ask for – DONT present yet!

We come together with our stakeholders in joint and meaningful problem solving finding fast new digital and virtual ways of working things out that potentially will keep the world turning and cash flows flowing.🤨😊😄

Evaluation Of Options: 🧐

We keep on SPIN® Selling:

– virtually co creating value and creative business cases that match our stakeholder needs and payoffs they have told us they are looking for: in hard numbers and potential personal success!😄

Resolution of Concerns: 🧐

Decisionmakers now face the fear of deciding almost always.

We keep on SPIN® Selling virtually:

by uncovering the solution to stakeholder concerns, sometimes even by discussing potential consequenses of no decision 😊😢

Negotiation: 🧐

Think win/win and retain value😊

We keep on SPIN® selling virtually!

– and negotiate only if we have to😉

Decision: 🥂

We keep on SPIN® Selling virtually:

– and ask our stakeholders for the appropriate commitments, advancing our dialougues towards the order steadily and confidently, and never forcefully 😉


Stay around documenting and celebrating your stakholders succes’s,and solving complaints swiftly. 🥂

We keep on SPIN® Selling

– but now we just do apply the researched best practices virtually🥇

Stakeholders needs to be cheered up and delighted also in bad times and we as sellers too💥

And the loop goes on:

Changes Over Time…

Keep on SPIN® Selling – human lives depends on us around the world succeed helping their stakeholders succeed with their customers stakeholders.

Stay confident – stay safe 🥰

We are not two 💥


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