The Business Cases for Vitual Selling❓

By Anders Hjort, Regional Development Director and Sales & Behaviour Change Expert at Huthwaite International

Virtual Selling Skills that works in both good and bad times.

The Virtual Channel is NOT new.

The researched and most tested sales execution model in our time; SPIN® Selling went virtual 10 years ago…

So what❓

Who cared❓

Well, quite a few multinationals chose remote selling or inside sales approaches a decade or more ago, trying to improve the buying experience and accelerating growth. And they succeeded.

Global IT sector brands SAP, Oracle, EMC and many other have been doing the “virtual selling” drill successfully for a decade, and over the last 3 years we experience the medical sector have been joined as well. The likes of Medtronic and more global medical device players achieve the benefits of the virtual selling business case these days

Also global brands like Amazon, Salesforce, Google and Apple were almost born into this era, and now Covid-19 make it the only opportunity to meet and sell through the virtual channel.

So the questions now might be:

Who cares now❓

Well, I do!

How well are YOU doing selling virtual❓

The consequences of inappropriate verbal, non-verbal and now even process behaviours in virtual conversations are not necessarily known to sales people, because of unconscious incompetence.

If you continue selling in the virtual channel like 60-70% of the sales people do in their face to face calls, you are in for a brutal wake up call.

The inappropriate verbal, non-verbal and process behaviours that result in indifferent customers face to face, creates detractors in the virtual space. You simply amplify your ineffective face to face selling behaviour so to speak. This create a very bad buying experience and most likely No Sale outcomes.

So, if you do what you use to do, you will NOT get your usual results like you normally do. It might actually backfire.

Now, who wants to risk that❓


But you still don’t know, what you don’t know, do you❓

The virtual business case for agile and innovative organisations.

“When it storms, some hide in their shelters, other build wind wind mills.” – Anonymous

Huthwaite International have observed what high performers in sales do differently for almost 5 decades, and for 1 decade we have trained global player like the above in how to behave appropriately and effectively delivering an awesome buying experience and accelerating revenue growth rates by 2 and 3 digits.

The Virtual Selling business case is a no brainer, when you know how to do it.

Here are a few perspectives that my some of my innovative multinational clients have shared with me during the many virtual caring chats I have the last two months during the Covid-19 shut down:

• Increased market reach

• More face time with your customers

• More high quality meetings in a day/week/month/quarter/year/decade/life

• Significantly reduced travel costs

• Reduced time wasted in cars and planes

• Less CO2 foot print

• Better social relationships

• More productive meetings

• … and many more

Growing your corporate KPI’s:

How does these possible outcomes from SPIN® virtual selling training resonate with your KPI’s❓

Customer impact:

Net Promoter Scores (9-10’s)

Customer satisfaction

Customer loyalty/retention

Shorter buying cycles

Employee impact:

Seller confidence

Seller satisfaction

Seller loyalty

Shorter selling cycles

Successful win/win negotiations

Successful client implementations

Business impact


Revenues (+16-63% in controlled studies)


Brand value

Can you get virtual training delivered in 35 local languages now and scale within 1-3-6 months❓

Multi language virtual Training and coaching delivery capability have become a central buying criteria in 2020.

At Huthwaite we know from our 45 years of rigorous behavioural research the answers to the “How well are you doing in your virtual selling?” question and how you might acheive improvements like the above.

Actually, we are able to help you. We can do effective virtual training for thousands of sales people sitting in their homes, right now, this minute. Over the last 5 years we have trained 15.000 sales people per year across the globe

The proven SPIN® Selling Skills Learning Journeys are attuned to the virtual channel, and we can deliver in up to 35 languages with local virtual trainers and coaches fit for purpose.

This will help you up your game and results significantly, and scale faster than anyone in the world can do right now.

Yes – 1-3-6 months is possible. We are doing that right now.

Have a look into the SAP or Medtronic case studies here, if you like:

How about that❓

Are YOU up for an informal virtual chat and learn from our researched insigths and experience of seam less implementations, and possibly get to know more about our exiting business cases and how they might help you❓

Its easy and 30 minutes consultancy for free:

Feel free to send me an invite with a link to your favourite virtual platform via my email: and I will promise inspire you 💥

Thank you 🙏

Anders Hjort


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