McKinsey Top 10 – Leadership 2017 🎯


The year’s most popular articles on leadership

1. What makes a CEO ‘exceptional’?

We assessed the early moves of CEOs with outstanding track records; some valuable lessons for leadership transitions emerged. More 

2. High-performing teams: A timeless leadership topic

CEOs and senior executives can employ proven techniques to create top-team performance. More 

3. Why effective leaders must manage up, down, and sideways

Strong team leadership isn’t enough. Research shows the importance—for business impact and career success—of also mobilizing your boss and colleagues. More 

4. Culture for a digital age

Risk aversion, weak customer focus, and siloed mind-sets have long bedeviled organizations. In a digital world, solving these cultural problems is no longer optional. More 

5. What’s missing in leadership development?

Only a few actions matter, and they require the CEO’s attention. More 

6. Memo to the CEO: Are you the source of workplace dysfunction?

Rudeness and bullying are rife, says Stanford professor Bob Sutton. Wise leaders figure out how to fix their teams and organizations; and they start by taking a long look in the mirror. More 

7. How functional leaders become CEOs

Limited operational experience is not necessarily a barrier to the top job. Here’s what CFOs and others must do to jump to the next level. More 

8. Putting lifelong learning on the CEO agenda

In an open letter to business leaders, a Harvard Business School professor and a learning engineer at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative present an emphatic case to make learning a corporate priority. More 

9. How technology is changing the job of the CEO

What we learned when more than 75 chief executives and board chairs gathered to share concerns and offer one another advice. More 

10. Time for a new gender-equality playbook

The old one isn’t working. We need bolder leadership and more exacting execution. More 


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