Meeting with hundreds sales executives around the globe each year, I get many good questions on how to improve sales, negotiations and communication performance and by this your power and persuasiveness.

In essence the questions centers around three levels of interest:

1. What do the best
executives in the world do differently compared to their average peers?

2. What do the best managers do differently compared to their average peers?

3. What do winning organisations differently compared to the less successful?

Below, and in my blog contributions I will share with you some of the queries I get alongside my answers and thoughts.

It’s popular and valuable reads from real sales executives around the world sharing their challenges and thinking.

Feel free to ask sending your own question also. You just send it to me at:




“Anders, I’m challenged in my daily sales routines. Sales cycles are getting longer and and my customers decision making process so complex now also involving procurement. As a consequence conversations focus mostly on them wanting a very low price. This happens often when I come to the negotiation after having build the value and presented our solutions successfully. In feel powerless entering these negotiations, and my company ends up loose margins and I struggle meeting my targets. What can I do to counter this?”

Best regards


Peter, thank for asking. You’re not the only one experiencing this.

Allow me to share with you some practical examples, insights and evidence from research that can help you counter these negotiation challenges:

You will get my Answer here on the
YouTube channel of Huthwaite International.

I hope you found this helpful.

Good negotiations and best regards
Anders 😄


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