SPIN® Selling is Alive and Kick’n in the 21st Century – more than ever 🎯

By Anders Christian Hjort 

SPIN® is a dynamic and researched sales methodology that mirrors what verbal behaviours sellers and buyers apply in interactions and what sales champions do differently.
The observational research did not end with our founder Neil Rackhams research and book SPIN® Selling – it just started, and www.huthwaiteinternational.com have build on Neil’s and his teams findings since 40+ years.

The SPIN® questions are still core behaviours, however lately we have found that the Listening Behaviours in SPIN® are the true drivers of customer delight and 2 digit growth rates.

You have to understand before you become understood (empathy)

Rich personal business conversations build on understanding the customer context deeply – and your content becomes highly persuasive if there is a deep contextual match.

Supplemental Neil have updated SPIN® to the 21st century here.

Think of these facts:

  • Buying psychology has not changed.
  • The context in which buyers buy have changed.

Sales champions have just found new ways to engage and influence early in that context.

Our SPIN® Learning Journey reflect the above evolution.

Our research: https://huthwaiteinternational.com/why-us/research/spin-research/


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