“I want to think about it….”

Author: Anders Christian Hjort

This YouTube video from Gitomer hits spot on!

Some best practices and easy to apply examples on how to prevent customers getting into the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt zone just before they are going to make that crucial decision of value to both them and you.

It’s not about objection handling, this is about resolving the hidden concerns in the mind of your customer. It’s your job to be proactive, uncover concerns and get them out in the open, acknowledge, clarify and let the customer voice how these concerns might be resolved.

Most sales people rush in and neglect this important buying psychology and as an effect customers go silent – and mostly for a good reason.

Some sales people fear asking believing they will loose the sale and feat to get the “NO, we have decide to go with your competitor…”

– if that’s the case why do not get the bad news early, and reflect on what you can do differently next time around?

The input Gitomer shares will definitely help sellers prevent customers stall their buying decision, and help them stay on top of things happening on the customer side.

It’s all about staying customer centric.

Try reflect on what behaviour you apply in situations like these:



Click here to be inspired by Gitomer.


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