Ms/Mr. Manager – Why Are You Not Coaching Your People❓

By  Dr. Jim Sellner, PhD., DipC. 

Like texting & driving most managers still do not pay attention to what is best for them and their team members.
First, let’s get my favourite bugoboo – “lack of time” – thing out of the way.

If you do not have the time to coach people you are exposing your managerial incompetence.
Most managers have an – “open door policy” – which is one of the dumbest, destructive wastes of time and energy that a manager can do.


Because you’re teaching your people to rely on you to solve their problems –and a result they stop thinking. Why wouldn’t they because you’re doing their thinking for them. Bad manager!

You’re teaching them to steal from you and the company – your time, your energy, their passion, your ability to actually help people find their genius within. Bad manager!

You need uninterrupted time to pull your thoughts together and be more strategic rather than tactical. Basically so you can gain perspective – you will not get that if you’re constantly being interrupted. Hassled manager!

You operate in a zone of stress-induced anxious, dis-missing behaviours that result in people dis-engaging from you and the team. Angry manager!

So what’s a manager to do?
Stop doing those four dysfunctional behaviours.

Close your door. Be unaccessible for at least 2hrs. in the morning & 2 hrs in the afternoon.

Get stupid. Make your team members think & solve their problems.

Stop teaching people to steal from you. Make your coaching interactions a maximum of 7-10 minutes or less.

Reduce your stress by creating boundaries around your time and energy – you have limited time and energy – get off your dumb idea that you’re limitless.

Get clear on the purpose of coaching, which is to take a lot of stuff off your plate, and to help people develop their unique talents.

Get it into your head that developing people is as important as “getting things done.”

Learn and apply the following skills:
Set a goal for each conversation– one only each

Focus on behaviours

Listen to what is – and isn’t – said

Ask team member to repeat back their understanding of what’s expected and what they’re going to do about it.

Ask questions to expand people’s problem-solving capabilities

Explore possibilities, consequences, actions and decisions

Establish task-specific outcomes

Provide encouragement when appropriate

Ask person to write down what they’re going to do & by when – they give you a copy.

Follow up on progress or regression

Appreciate people for their progress (not for trying)

Keep in mind the WITIWIG = What I’m Teaching Is What I’m Getting. Yikes!

Dr. Jim Sellner, PhD., DipC.

VP – Learning’s & Applications

Author: Leadership for Einsteins: How Smart Leaders Bring Out the Genius in People

Account-Ability: The Science of Human Performance — The Skill & Will of Getting Things Done.

The Phallic Imperative: Why Men Are Hard To Get Along With!?


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