An email that made my day!


Author: Anders Christian Hjort

How would SPIN® Selling Skills Help My People Succeed in Selling?

I get this question often when meeting with new prospects.

I could now do a feature dump sharing all my insights and tell a few stories.

Now, Instead I will share with you the email I got this afternoon from a talented young Account Manager I trained in March 2014.

It shows how the evidence based SPIN® methodology embrace also the soft elements of generating confidence, motivation and energy in the individual.

This is a typical example of how I experience SPIN(R) Selling Skills helps sales executives change behaviour towards best practice sales behaviors anno 2014:

“Dear Anders Christian,
Recently I had a customer who asked me a few times what I was going to sell him. I explained that, to get a better understanding of his business and issues I first wanted to ask some questions. At the end of the meeting he told me, he never had such a meeting with a salesperson and really was inspired to talk with me! He also told me he was determined to say NO to me but now he really wanted a measurement because he was triggered by the questions and conversation. He actually started calculating during the conversation!
So this again pointed out to me it is really a good sales technique. Thanks for this, this makes my energy really goes up!!

Kind Regards,

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