How can you become a world class negotiator?

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Whether you are negotiating commercial agreements, revisiting existing agreements that no longer work for you, persuading people to do what you want them to do or attempting to influence the Board, you will need negotiation skills to achieve a successful outcome.

Being a highly skilled negotiator is not an art form. It doesn’t take years of experience. It is a science. It is learnable, measureable and within reach of every professional, whatever their company size.

Skills are developed through practice, but the old adage that ‘practice makes perfect’ is only partially true. There are plenty of senior people in organisations who have been negotiating for many years but who are far from perfect. In order to fully benefit from practice we need to be sure we are implementing the ‘right’ skills. We need a clear understanding of what world class negotiation skills look like plus some objective feedback about our own performance and how it compares with this success model.

What does the negotiation success model look like?  What are the differences between an average and a highly effective negotiator? What are the behaviours that effective negotiators avoid?

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Huthwaite International hold the biggest database in the world of effective negotiation behaviours. Many of the leading negotiators on the planet have been trained by us. Global brands, national and international public bodies, SMEs and charities alike depend on our methods to achieve successful negotiation outcomes.

Download our free whitepaper ‘Developing Effective Negotiation Skills’ to learn specific techniques as well as strategies for improving company wide negotiation performance.

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Individuals or small businesses can improve their negotiations skills through our Open programme. Our Open courses run throughout the year in the UK in Europe.


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