How to Help Others Manage Their Emotions (11.7)

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I’m a big admirer of Fred Kofman’s work and the insights he shares. Here is another valuable blog post – enjoy.


By Fred Kofman

“Adults remain social animals; they continue to require a source of stabilization outside themselves. That means that in some important ways, people cannot be stable on their own … Stability means finding people who regulate you well and staying near them.” — Thomas Lewis, M.D.

You can help those around you become more emotionally intelligent. But before you help others you must attain emotional mastery yourself. The most important tool for helping others manage their emotions is “resonance.”

Put two tuning forks of the same pitch side by side. As you strike the first, you can notice that the second starts vibrating. In a relationship, each individual acts like a tuning fork that receives and transmits emotional waves. When one person has an emotional reaction, the…

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