Why do you talk so much?

Author: Anders Christian Hjort

How to listen and learn to win more business?
Most sales people I meet give more than they seek and leave little space for the client to talk.

If you want to get it right you should ask great questions and shot up more to leave empty space for the client to speak out their needs.

We say 75-80% time for the client when investigating needs – In absolute terms that is saying within a 5 minute conversation you have 1 minute only to give and seek relevant information that will help you persuade, and 4 minutes to say nothing – that is to say listening to what your client says. Included in the 1 minutes is also testing that you understand what is being said.

For most people that’s not easy – they give more information than they seek. However our research show that the most effective sellers in major sales excel in seeking more than giving.

Whats you persuasion style?

“Pushing” or “Pulling” information?

“Pretend you’re blind.”
If you are like most sales People I observe, and you want to change behaviour, you can try out this idea and pretend you’re blind. You will soon find out if that changes anything. It will help you to listen with empathy and set your focus to learn more from your client than ever before.

Questions & Empathy as
small gifts

A great question, good listening skills and showing you understand will be perceived like a gift by the recieving end, whether there is an exiting story to be told, or an implied need, want or desire not fulfilled.

The rule of reciprocity works.
When you ask great questions, listen with empathy you earn the right to talk an present your solution later during the conversation.

If you heard and did understand what the client wanted strongly, what values it created both in business and personal terms – and you have a solution to match the values voiced – then your in the right place.

Sell to your strengths
Still some way to go, hardening the buying criterias in the mind of the client – where you are strong and different. In this way you will be the preferred choice more likely.

You will need to handle eventual concerns proactively and negotiating terms and conditions if necessary.

Win more busines
Again your seeking and listening skills will help you navigate wisely, and guide the client gently towards the buying decision.

Think about that, and try to pretend you’re blind next time you meet with a client.

Enjoy the beauty and science of getting client to buy from you.

It’s a skill set that can be learned by everyone.

An effective seller is being perceived a gift by an effective buyer.

Change behavior. Change results.


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