Words don’t always come easy.

Author: Anders Christian Hjort

In this 140 characters world of Twitter and tweets, most writers and marketeers gets challenged writing effectively.

Hashtags, @s, RTs are the new “beauties” to include and master.

And then again, Facebook and LinkedIN status updates leaves us a little more space for writing our thoughts and messages to the world in a natural and engaging flow.

We fuel social media conversations and engagement, streaming billions of bytes every second throughout the pipes of the internet 24/7, hoping for a “like”, retweet, comment or an answer.

And in a blog like this?

As a writer, you get unlimited power and room to create short, medium or long stories, that either bore or engage the reader.

For most bloggers and tweeters, words come easy. But are they worth reading? Are they really being crafted to bring value to the reader?

This morning I got this brilliant piece from a good friend and great colleague at Huthwaite International, David Freedman.

It’s was an inspiring read to me as a writer – Thank you David!

It made me rethink my writing, and gave me some valuable guidance going forward.

I’m not there yet, but have a read below:

How about you?


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