Top Performing People and Teams Communicate Differently 🎯

Author: Anders Christian Hjort

Give this a thought:

If you use the same verbal behaviour today you did yesterday, you will achieve same kind of outcomes you got yesterday.

However, if you decide to change and use the most effective verbal behaviours in your daily conversations, you will be surprised by the positive effects this have on your outcomes.

Do you interact like a top performer?

At Huthwaite International we do research into verbal behaviours and observe thousands of people all over the Globe each year to find out how top performers stand out from their average peers.

We focus on helping people like you to improve your Sales, Negotiation and Communication performance applying researched best practice verbal behaviours.

On communication behaviours and interactive skills we have just launched an amazing new evidence based skill training program that builds on the rigorous research we have done for more than 40 years.

How are you and your team doing?

If your management team is dysfunctional in their verbal interactions, or you have a personal need for improving your own communication power, why not try out the behaviours top performing people and teams apply when achieving the outcomes they want?

More on the new evidence based communication skills training program here: Improving Communication Skills

Change Behaviour. Change Results. 🎯


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