1 More Reason Why Price is an Illusion?

Author: Anders Christian Hjort

Think of this hand drawing, it holds a crucial wisdom and many aspects of both life and the way we create value to our clients in business.

Either when selling valued products or services, negotiating the deal, servicing an unhappy client once delighted with your product or service, or counselling the broken relationship.

Then add the question:

What price are you willing pay at these stages?

Some might argue that some value perceptions don’t dip in the middle:

– The passionate Apple fan
– Unconditional love
– My mom and dad

Some would also argue its a continuum not discretionary steps.

We at Huthwaite International say:

“Value is in the eyes of the beholder”

What do you think?


7 thoughts on “1 More Reason Why Price is an Illusion?

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  3. Actually, the value does not always dip in the middle, but rises at the sides. The actual price is somewhere between the dip and rise, in general – that is a common man’s perception.

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