Stop Looking at Your Phone!

Author: Anders Christian Hjort

We see behaviour change all over the globe due to one little device. It’s a real game changer.

People, including myself, staring downwards in an angle of 45 degrees toward the lit screen of my iPhone, walking around in the streets doing my sleepwalk in pure daylight.

And I’m not alone, social proof all around me. Friends, my kids, my wife. Look around you in the streets.

Even my 81 year old mom just got her 6 plus upgrade yesterday, and Apple Watch is coming soon. She is getting her seventh tattoo this year. And I only have the 5s and no tattoos!

My 16 year old daughter called me “Blue face” the other evening when I was doing what brain scientist say is impossible: Multitasking on the sofa in front of the television, seeing a Swedish thriller, massaging my wife’s feet, whilst browsing my emails, updating Facebook, adding a few connections on LinkedIN from the meetings I had during the day at work, “pinning” pictures of my dream car on Pinterest: the Aston Martin DBS Volante 2014 – if just car taxes was not 180% in Denmark… – I have a dream! Then reading a blog post written by another “expert” no one knows. He cited a quote by Einstein in 1864 – “if you can dream it – you will get it”… Really? Tweeting, tweeting, tweeting to get more followers on Twitter – ended at 21.000 today – I made it!

It’s quite amazing what this devices can do for you:

“Click”, there you go, a selfie of me:

“Good old Blueface!”

My daughter is right.

I then sketched some more sentences for my expert contribution to follow on this blog at a later date, reflecting on my observations and research on how sales people struggle to create value for their clients, and some tools that will help them sell with ease and be more effective. Working title:
“How Sales Champions Make Price Vaporise and Value Materialise?”

It’s difficult to see how evolution will bring us back to the good old days.

The smartphones have changed the world forever!

But, anyway, have a go, use your imagination and enjoy this YouTube video that inspired me to write this blog post:

Stop looking at your phone!

And now ask yourself – is it worth changing behaviour?

Have a nice day ❤️


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