Are You Winning All the Business?

“Winning anything requires a series of steps. You cannot win the League with one giant leap. So I would be careful to divide everything up into digestible chunks.” – Sir Alex Ferguson

By Anders Christian Hjort
In sales and consulting we call these small wins/chunks for Advances that forwards the sales towards the final close.

Achieving an Advance is a high performance indicator.

The brutal fact is that most sales people get Continuations instead and think they are successful in progressing the sale.

As a consequence pipeline accuracy fails big and sales does not meet expectations.

Further Sales Managers typically do not know this.

Sounds familiar?

What outcomes do your sales people get when they execute sales meetings?

The effect of knowing the difference in getting Advances vs Continuations and applying the appropriate verbal behaviours is significant.

You can read more on the effects here.

Give me a call and let’s do a SPIN® Pipeline Review together and see if your missing out important information from your sales people: +45 26700356 – why not?

How much would a 25% increase in sales effect your business?



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