Top 3 Verbal Behaviours of a Great Boss


Author: Peter Economy

According to Frank Sonnenberg–author of the new book Follow Your Conscience–character matters. While this is certainly true in life in general, it also matters a lot in business. If you’re someone’s boss, then your employees are looking to you to set an example with your behavior. People want to make a difference, they want to do work that matters, and they want to work for people who they admire, and who inspire them and get them excited about their work.

Says Sonnenberg in his book, “Although you may not be able to quantify the benefits of being a good person, there’s great truth in the saying, ‘Good people finish first.’ Strong moral character is like a boomerang that causes good things to find their way back to you–but it takes effort.” Remember: the majority of people don’t quit their jobs–they quit their bosses. (According to a Herman Group survey, this majority is an astounding 7 out of 10 employees who quit their jobs!) Bad bosses are the #1 cause of people leaving their employers.

Although Follow Your Conscience is chockfull of great advice for bosses–no matter what company or industry they may be in–I was particularly drawn to the list of “magic words” at the end of the book. Here are 15 of these magic phrases that every great leader makes a point of saying to his or her employees as often as possible. Try them with your people and see what happens–I think you’ll like the results!

1. I’ll try my best

2. I’m wrong; you’re right

3. I believe in you

4. Congratulations!

5. It’s my pleasure

6. You outdid yourself

7. I’ll remember this forever

8. You earned it

9. You come highly recommended

10. I’m listening

11. Let’s learn from this

12. I’m proud of you

13. Thank you

14. I’m sorry

15. You can count on me

Worth reflecting on?


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