Why Value Matters?

Author: Anders Christian Hjort

My good friend and colleague at Huthwaite International David Freedman shares new insights from our latest international research on how successful companies create value for their customers, how they capture value for themselves, and how Value Propositions need to be enhanced to persuade more effectively. Both verbal and written behaviours makes a significant difference if you want to win more valuable business.

How about building a better mouse trap?


“Like beauty, value is often said to be in the eye of the beholder. Just because a company comes up with an innovative new product that it considers to be market leading, it doesn’t mean that it will be – unless the company finds enough customers who need that product to provide a specific solution to a specific problem, that they are unable to find anywhere else.”, David Freedman shares.


The Institute of Directors (the UK’s primary voice for business leaders) has just posted an article about our view of customer value: how to build it, create it, describe it and capture it. You can read it here:


There’s video too. Listen to David Freedman sharing the interesting findings:



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