The 2-Minute Sales Prospecting Combination That Generates 10X the Results

My good friend and Sales Performance Experty from “Down Under” Tony J. Hughes is one of my favorite authors and inspirations on complex selling.

Today Tony shared his insights and practical and pragmatic no bullshit advice from his great new book COMBO Selling, that will make you win more big business, faster.

Here you find the extract:

The 2-Minute Sales Prospecting Combination That Generates 10X the Results

By Tony J. Hughes

I’m honored and thrilled to at last release my methodology on blended sales prospecting to the world: COMBO Prospecting.

My book defines a single e=mc2phenomenon that I discovered, called COMBO Prospecting. I’m sharing it here because it’s so dead simple, people can miss it. The truth is so hidden that sometimes it has to reach out and grab you by the lapels or punch you in the face like a cold shower. It’s a simple combination of activity that drives the greatest results.

Here’s the COMBO: Call, Vmail, Email (under 2 minutes flat!)

This technique is also called a TRIPLE and supported by TOPO research or Triple Threatphilosophy – see Jeb Blount’s seminal work. This singular strategy will produce at least 3X the response rate in an outbound prospecting campaign. Or more according to Anthony Iannarino…

“If you combine these [combinations] over four, or five, or eight touches in a quarter, the number of people who respond goes up dramatically.” –  Anthony Iannarino

Why does it work and how often should you do it?

This combination works because it creates a pattern interrupt in the human brain with each outreach. All human prospects have a cell phone on their person (maybe two!). Each call attempt vibrates the phone or sends a missed call reminder. Vmail then vibrates and blinks the phone to create a voicemail notification. The email then vibrates the phone and creates an email notification. Any handset, smartphone or dumbphone is going to buzz, blink, and even ring over 6 times. It’s just like a swarm of bees!

So how often should you do this? 30 times per business day. Every single day. This is like fitness, diet, brushing your teeth, or taking a shower. It’s the consistency that will drive results. You simply cannot do this ‘every once in a while’ and expect it to work!

Tony Hughes- Eat Rejection for Breakfast

Who do you target with this sales prospecting approach? 

You must use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to pick the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and the key people within the organization – these are the top 50 accounts in a Quarter. Then hone in on the top 7 prospects per account to target by using advanced Sales Navigator searches with Lead Builder, culling 500MM profiles in nanoseconds.

If you markedly improve targeting, then dramatically increase blended OUTBOUND activity levels – including the amount of touches per blended outreach attempt – you’ll then receive wildly increased response rates to the outbound campaign volley in return. What’s going to happen to your once anemic Pipeline as a result? It’ll go through the roof if you also have the right narrative!

10X output = 10X results.

The vast majority of sellers are single-threading, sporadically prospecting and do not have a simple, single, repeatable method and ‘vale narrative’ that’s going to work. So I’m going to give you the secret formula to generate 10x the output and create 10x the results.

Here’s your plan:

Pull out a blank sheet of paper. Write down 10 dream accounts down the side. List 3 prospects within each account you researched in Sales Navigator last night. Use ZoomInfo or DiscoverOrg to direct dial, leave a voicemail and precise email for all 30 prospects — the outbound triple!  Chunk this down into 2 x 1-hour, ‘hours of power’, preferably before 8am and after 5pm when the executive assistant isn’t running interference.

In 2 hours a day, you’re going to generate more pipeline than a team of 5 disorganized junior SDRs. Remember, a B- approach executed at scale like this, will render greater uplift than an A+ low activity approach. Reps who get buried in research and personalization never reach the levels to effectively generate their own pipeline and take control over their career destiny and financial prosperity.


Even without perfect execution every time, you’re still going to see your results go through the roof, just by showing up. Remember, the heaviest weight you’ll ever lift is the phone to call a prospect. Just showing up and going through the motions is 80% of the battle.

The lever you want to be pulling is human to human (H2H) interaction. The way to do that is to get on the front foot, block out 2 hours per day, hit 30 outbound triples (COMBO: call, vmail, email – under 2 minutes) and do this throughout the quarter for each of your dream account campaigns.

Where does social selling fit in? 

Monitoring and listening for insights, triggers and conversation starters is key. Save all 50+ dream accounts in Sales Navigator and all the associated leads. Watch what they are sharing, how they’re changing jobs, news mentions on company innovation and funding – you name it! You can use the custom Sales Navigator stream as a basis for your calling footprint that day.

The simple truth

I have always said, the truth is bleeding obvious. It’s painful. Whomever actually applies the advice in my book is literally going to make President’s Club and become the most successful sales rep in their company. Will that be you?

The Rock's Workout

Nobody wants to get the Navy Seals workout book and apply it or do The Rock’s workout program and eat his diet. It’s hard to execute a daily discipline. Remember, sales prospecting is a marathon not a sprint. The extra mile is a lonely road and but champions are made when no one else is watching.

I share all my insight, tips and how-to’s in COMBO Prospecting, published by The American Management Association (AMACOM). You can purchase it here on Amazon. 

Combo Prospecting


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