Is anyone anywhere taught how to listen?

Author: Anders Christian Hjort

How utterly amazing is the general assumption that the ability to listen well is a natural gift for which no training is required.

How extraordinary is the fact that no effort is made anywhere in the whole educational process to help individuals learn how to listen well.

I suggest we start to teach our own kids how to listen.

Try practise this:


– Ask a your friend a good question on a topic mutual interest…, e.g. Tattoos 🙂

– look into the eyes of your friend and listen with curiosity and a positive mind until you are sure the full reply has been given.

– reflect for 10 seconds on what was being said, before you say anything.

then start your reply saying “Yes and…” Building on your friends contributions…

It might be easier said than done.

Do you experience listening skills sometimes feels like waiting skills…?

Think it over for 10 seconds before you answer…please 😉


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