Why You?

Author: Anders Christian Hjort

Just saw this inspirational video from Jeffrey Gitomer – King of Sales in America and Grand dad.

I love the simplicity in the message.

As a sales person you can do a lot to set your own scene by having a positive attitude, mindset and belief system – it’s a choice you make having the right attitude towards yourself and your customers.

In control of excellence
Be in control of your product knowledge, and know what behaviours to apply when you meet your customer in the line of sight.

Execute your selling behaviours in a skillful way having those great value creating and value capturing conversations, that diffrentiate you in the mind of the customer so they prefer to buy from you and your company instead of the competition.

External barriers
However, what’s not in Gitomers equation in this clip, and what might influence your positive attitude, knowledge and skill performance, are the barriers set by your management:

Do you get the opportunity to sell and create value for you customers?

Do you get recognition for the value you capture for your company?

These factors will also influence your attitude either positively or negatively.

But it starts with you, and the responsibility you take play your part applying your positive attitude knowledge and skills.

Management can help a lot taking responsibility for reducing the barriers and empowering you with knowledge and skill training.

But have a go with Gitomer now:

Gitomer shares some simple truths In this Youtube video



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